Derechos Humanos


Scientific research that sustains and guarantees that the plans, programs, public policies, government decisions in general and the actions of civil society, and in the end public and private resources, are precisely oriented to sectors and actions that really impact and address problems.


Design and promotion of programs aimed at improving the country's educational offer.
Plans for the increasingly growing incorporation of people into education.
Teacher update programs.
More classrooms, better equipped in marginalized areas.


Preparation and support for the execution of actions and public policies aimed at providing health care and attention to a sector of the population that currently lacks this service or faces lags in its access to it.

The objective is effective prevention, with an offer of basic services, timely availability of medicines and qualified personnel.

Human Rights

 Promotion of unrestricted respect for the fundamental rights recognized in our constitution and ratified in international commitments.

Know them to spread their compliance and guarantee their continuous exercise, with a vision of solidarity and accompaniment to protect the human dignity of the person in all areas of action.


Convinced that productive work is the path to development, we promote training, group integration and the identification of available capacities and resources, as well as the consolidation of projects that involve highly vulnerable communities, always considering the person as the axis of development.

Incluyendo México

We aspire to expand the radius of action, increase the number of individuals served to consolidate strong communities, with a better quality of life, and contribute to forming a prosperous Mexico with a better fed, educated and healthy population, with committed and productive citizens.
They face educational backwardness.
They lack access to health services.
They survive without access to food.

Some projects we work on

We are an organization that works to generate a sustainable impact on human beings and their development, focusing on Fundamental Human Rights and family perspectives.  We contribute to building better countries in Latin America, where the dignity of the human being is the axis of action for sustained and sustainable development.


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